Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 10th anniversary



anilkurup said...

yes u are right. But u cant blame the Americans for getting emotional over the WTC attack, which the US media religiously keeps up in the news.\
The US was badly in need of a symbol - an event that can be drumbeat and be foisted as a symbol of sacrifice of the Americans.
Till the attack on the WTC they were inflicting such tragedy on the rest of the World, the Vietnam, and Palestine being classic examples.

Now they have an icon 9/11 as they call it. Let them enjoy!

Mélange said...

Makes sense !

കൊച്ചു കൊച്ചീച്ചി said...

Without making a point, let me quote a comment from a reader of the Globe and Mail newspaper from Canada:

"I can see some visceral need to commemorate 9/11 in a solemn yet reasonably humble fashion, to provide some form of catharsis for those whose lives were either obliterated or damaged forever.

But I do see a problem with yet another Hollywood-style self-indulgent, self-serving production that serves primarily to perpetuate a climate of fear, paranoia and emotional vulnerability.

By allowing this, politicians and the media (perhaps knowingly) give the multi-billion dollar "security industry" the ammunition they need to continue thriving on the backs of fearful people, who when moved, shaken and reminded often enough, will not hesitate to relinquish their freedom in exchange for an artificial sense of security.

In the end, terrorists -- and, worse yet, exploiters of terrorism -- win. Good people lose and the war continues"

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